Born Leader

In the current economic environment everyone needs to be able to do more with less and that’s where Born Leader comes into play.  We add value by providing objective advice, training and mentoring, and external validation in order to optimise processes, people and performance.  Our bespoke courses and services are designed for effect, to ensure that each event matches customer requirements and expectations.

This “pick and mix” approach ensures that the client gets to choose the subject matter, sequence, tempo and relative priority of the event contents.  This gives optimum effect and removes waste – hence real value for money.  Our offers subject individuals and teams to a series of increasingly complex scenarios in order that they can practice and hone their personal skills to progressively build confidence and capability.  The sessions are cost-effective and can be anything from ½ day to a full week or an enduring programme of work.

The approach developed by Born Leader gets clients to think about themselves, their work, the decisions they make and their approach to leading others.  It is a simple proven fact that teams and organisations that work efficiently under the guidance of an effective leader are more productive and cohesive, cope well with difficult situations and generally outperform their opposition.

Born Leader provide tailored, holistic solutions wherein customers decide their event's content and we plan, deliver, mentor and support the complete package.  Our training workshops are designed to raise awareness of how teams and their leaders operate under pressure.  Born Leader does not just concentrate on the physical team building experience, but also looks what sort of personality traits the group has, how they interact with each other, how they make decisions individually and as a team and how they tend to manage themselves.

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