Management Training

  1. Picture - Extreme weather hits Newcastle upon Tyne June 2012. The effects of this extreme event needed skilled management
  2. Management Team training exercise at client site


Born Leader management training is designed to inform, mentor and develop managers’ capability no matter what stage they are in their careers.  The modules include formal teaching in the theory of management and comparison of different management styles, and an evaluation of their relative strengths and weaknesses in different circumstances.

Training can progress in complexity using relevant scenarios and real-time problems appropriate to the client.  This has been proven to be an effective vehicle to develop individual managers, and test and improve our clients' management team communication skills, capability and cohesion.

Case study:

  • Following a 2 week intervention in a large multi-national company, the client was able to face one of the biggest supercell storms to hit hte UK in living memory which resulted in them saving £millions in damage prevention.