Leaders: Born or Created

  1. Shackleton has inspired Leaders and Artists alike, including the Canadian musician and filmmaker Spookey Ruben
  2. Ernest Shackleton's expedition (1901-1903) reached within 100 miles of the South Pole

Are you as good as you can be?  Leadership development workshops are based on established functional leadership theory and designed to raise awareness of how a leader operates, particularly under pressure.  A combination of techniques are used to push our clients from different angles to help them understand team dynamics and what inspires and incentivises people.  We also look at what sort of personalities make up teams, how people interact, how they make decisions and how they tend to manage themselves.

Many people do not know what they are really capable of and even fewer take time out to understand what they really want to achieve and how their own characteristics help or hinder achievement.  The process Born Leader has developed is sequenced and progressive, and gets leaders to think about themselves, their work, their approach to leading others and poses searching questions about the appropriateness of different leadership styles and the rationale of decision making.

New or improved self awareness can act as a catalyst for personal development and is one of the cornerstones of success in leading others.

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