Team Building

  1. Offsite team building training - river crossing (dry) using planks and barrels
  2. Team Building also encourages effective communication and enables self-awareness

Effective team working is key to the good performance of any organisation and teams with a healthy dynamic are not only more efficient, they are better placed to withstand stress and quickly adapt to cope with unusual circumstances. 

Our team building events are enjoyable and structured to deliberately place groups outside of their usual environment and comfort zone to teach about the different types of roles and behaviours that all teams contain.  This also has a number of second-order effects, such as encouraging effective communication and enabling self-awareness.

Each workshop instructs participants in the theory of team working using effective processes and skills that can be transferred to peoples’ normal daily work.  The unifying purpose of the day is to illustrate the importance of the team dynamic by using examples together with shared problems and command tasks.