Crisis Management

  1. All leadership teams will face a serious crisis at some point, be it extreme weather, pandemic, local incidents or national emergencies
  2. Emergency Services involved in Crisis Training at a customer site during a recent Born Leader exercise

All leadership teams will face a serious crisis at some point, be it extreme weather, pandemic, local incidents or national emergencies.  Born Leader draws on extensive experience and success in Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning, from the military, information technology and engineering sectors.  This enables us to understand and assess our client's requirements and the operational risks they face, which in turn allows us to produce bespoke solutions that exactly match customer needs.  

This proven approach includes formative and summative teaching, mentoring surgeries, risk analysis workshops and exercises to play out realistic scenarios to both test and improve process and people.  This can be maintained through regular top-up training of increasing complexity.  Our recent exercises have been done in co-operation with the emergency services. 

Investment in Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning training programmes have assisted our clients to effectively manage crises, limiting damage to their assets, and protecting production and operations.  This has safeguarded their capability and reputations, and reduced the financial impact during events such as the June 2012 Super Cell Storm.