Siemens Energy - Training

We used the Team building Activity delivered by Born Leader to help our team rebalance themselves after numerous iterations of reorganisation.

Mark Armstrong
Training Manager Siemens Energy

British Airways

The staff have really risen to the challenge and it is rewarding to hear comments like “This is the best off-site training session I have ever attended”.  I’ve got to know people I have walked past in the corridor for years.

Phill Kelly
IT Portfolio Manager

Siemens Energy Service - Fossil

Following the supercell storm that took place in Newcastle during the summer of 2012 the city along with the Heaton site experienced damage beyond anything that had been seen in a lifetime.

Carl Hopper
Operations Director Siemens Energy Service Fossil

Siemens Energy

The work that Born Leader has done with us has ensured that we keep a well defined operational plan in place for Crisis Management.

Graham Hartley
Managing Director Siemens Energy
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