Team Building

A 1-day team building event, conducted in the open air at a number of approved locations. The event is fun and contains a number of increasingly challenging group tasks, and is particularly effective at accelerating team cohesion (especially for new or changing teams) by the use of shared problems and activities. 

Participation encourages trust, teamwork, mutual understanding and self-belief.

Situation Awareness


UK personnel working abroad are increasingly at risk from street crime, organised criminal activity, industrial espionage, terrorism and local hazards to health and wellbeing.  Some environments can also often transition from benign to hostile in a very short space of time.  Born Leader training provides a fundamental understanding of global risks and advice on how to assist their effective mitigation.

Team Building

Effective team working is key to the good performance of any organisation and teams with a healthy dynamic are not only more efficient, they are better placed to withstand stress and quickly adapt to cope with unusual circumstances. 

Our team building events are enjoyable and structured to deliberately place groups outside of their usual environment and comfort zone to teach about the different types of roles and behaviours that all teams contain.  This also has a number of second-order effects, such as encouraging effective communication and enabling self-awareness.

Leaders: Born or Created

Are you as good as you can be?  Leadership development workshops are based on established functional leadership theory and designed to raise awareness of how a leader operates, particularly under pressure.  A combination of techniques are used to push our clients from different angles to help them understand team dynamics and what inspires and incentivises people.  We also look at what sort of personalities make up teams, how people interact, how they make decisions and how they tend to manage themselves.

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