Bespoke Management Workshops

  1. Client management training using real scenarios
  2. Management Training allows self awareness and personal development

Bespoke Management Workshops are planned in conjunction with the client to match their specific training needs or real-time management issues.  These sessions can be as long or short as the content requires and can be supplemented by follow-on "top up" training.

We will draw on our experience and the customer's subject matter experts in order to develop challenging, relevant scenarios which Born Leader then use as a vehicle to deliver the training content.  Our offering surpasses the simple teaching of theory and includes a mentoring element, which stresses the practical application of new knowledge.

In this way, our clients not only develop their staff but can also provide the opportunity for extant problems to be analysed, understood and remedied. 


To prepare managers for the workplace in order to enable them to perform effectively, and to ultimately "Do the right thing on a difficult day".


Objectives - are drafted to meet the specific requirements of the client

Who should attend: 

Managers and their deputies


Familiarisation with standard management techniques and terminology.  Ideally with prior attendance on the Functional Leadership Fundamentals and 1-day Team Building sessions.