Crisis Management Programme

  1. Picture - Client site crisis management exercise
  2. Picture - Emergency Services engaged in joint crisis management training at client site

A tailored programme of work to train and develop leadership teams, and just as importantly to analyse, understand and assist in mitigating the specific operational risks posed to the client.

A typical case study would progress through crisis management and business continuity training, a risk and impact analysis workshop, and conclude with an exercise to simulate a number of realistic crisis scenarios of increasing complexity.

Full documentation of each stage is provided, including risk and impact assessment, learning points and observations, and action points.

Follow-up audits and periodic assessments complete the package and feed into the client's continuous improvement and asset protection systems of work.  


Conduct realistic, bespoke crisis management and business continuity training in order to enhance business resilience.

  • Learn the principles of business resilience and understand best practice
  • Conduct live risk and impact analysis
  • Stimulate thought and innovation
  • Encourage effective communication and teamwork
  • Validate and improve extant processes and procedures