Team Building Day

  1. Trust and teamwork exercise on client away-day
  2. Team logic puzzle during offsite event

A 1-day team building event, conducted in the open air at a number of approved locations. The event is fun and contains a number of increasingly challenging group tasks, and is particularly effective at accelerating team cohesion (especially for new or changing teams) by the use of shared problems and activities. 

Participation encourages trust, teamwork, mutual understanding and self-belief.


Conduct an enjoyable, team-building event outwith the normal work confines and constraints in order to:

  • Enable self-awareness
  • Develop team working skills
  • Enhance team dynamics
  • Encourage good communication
  • Stimulate thought and discussion
  • Instruction in team dynamics
  • Understanding of the different roles and behaviours inherent in successful teams
  • Leaderless command tasks
  • Shared problem solving
  • Group activities



min/max no Participants 4/36
Duration 1 Days
Validity period
Theory Vs Practice (%) 15/85
Language English


Location Off-site
On Site No
Profile None
Level 1
Mandatory No